Banca Esperia supports CreditAccess Asia NV IPO


Italy’s Banca Esperia, Banca Mediolanum and Mediobanca’s private bank, has partnered with CreditAccess Asia NV to issue IPO Incentive Bond, a bond meant to get the Asian-investing company’s IPO plans underway.

CreditAccess Asia NV is an industrial operator working on behalf of Indian and south-east Asian companies specialised in craftsmanship and micro-entrepreneurship .

Since its issuance, the bond has reached its target AUM by posting €40m. The bond subscribers will access an annual dividend of 6.5% and will have the opportunity of buying more shares when the company will go public in 2017 with a 20% discount.

“The focus on the south-east Asian countries seeks to achieve geographic diversification in investor portfolios. The exposure to the craftsmanship and micro-entrepreneurship sectors, which do not normally have access to the local banking system, seeks to widen growth opportunities for investors,” Banca Esperia said.



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