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News from Alliance Trust, Threadneedle, Anello AM, Systematic Alpha, Investec, Muzinich & Co, Esma

News from Alliance Trust, Threadneedle, Anello AM, Systematic Alpha, Investec, Muzinich & Co, Esma


Alliance Trust AM launches global thematic fund

Alliance Trust Asset Management is launching a new global thematic opportunities fund.

The fund is the first product from the company's recently formed London-based global equities team. The funds' lead managers will be head of global equities, Ilario Di Bon and senior investment manager, Juergen Lanzer.

The fund is an unconstrained global equity product covering both developed and emerging markets and will implement a bottom-up approach with a thematic overlay. It will have around 50 holdings on a 3-5 year investment cycle and is expected to appeal to long-term investors covering the retail, intermediary and institutional markets.

When evaluating the prospects for the companies it could invest in, the Team will rely on a combination of a number of structural themes such as emerging middle class healthcare spending, changing Asian consumption, sustainable transportation, energy efficiency and agricultural productivity.

Threadneedle launches Sicav UK equities fund

Threadneedle Investments has launched a UK equities fund in its Luxembourg Sicav range to be managed by Simon Brazier, head of UK equities at the company. The fund has been registered with the CSSF* in Luxembourg and registration is pending in other jurisdictions.

The fund was launched in response to client demand and will be managed with the same approach used for 26 years in the £1.1bn Threadneedle UK fund, the company said.

The Threadneedle (Lux) UK equities fund is designed for international investors looking to access UK equities through an offshore Lux-domiciled vehicle. The fund will typically hold 50-90 stocks and will be broadly diversified by market size and sector.  It follows a dynamic approach to exploit opportunities wherever they appear at all stages of the economic cycle.

Brazier said clients have shown a great appetite for a product that will capitalise on the UK investment market. "Valuations of UK equities are currently compelling and many companies are in good health with strong balance sheets."

Anello AM's Isis FX program tops CTA Index

The Isis FX program run by Anello Asset Management, has come top of the CTA Index chart in the three year consistency index in the technical - currency category.

The consistency index measures and ranks over 1000 manager's historical performance in terms of how consistently they maintain a high level of reward and minimise risk by protecting against downside volatility. This is done via calculating the total return minus the risk free rate of return.

The AAM Isis FX program offers the highest total reward to risk of 8.4% over three year period ending October 2011, making it the most consistently performing fund in its category. It generated a total return of 35.1% over the three year period, which works out at an average annual return of 10.6%.

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