Aberdeen reports £9.1bn outflows in Q4 2015

Aberdeen reports £9.1bn outflows in Q4 2015

Aberdeen has reported £9.1bn (€12bn) net outflows from September to December 2015 against £12.7bn (€16.7bn) net outflows during Q3 2015.

Most outflows have been seen in equities strategies (£6.3bn (€8.3bn)).

The firm explained the investor sentiment towards Asia and emerging markets remained weak and assets were withdrawn from global equities by sovereign wealth funds.

Some £3.3bn (€4.3bn) outflows have been recorded in other Aberdeen solutions. However fixed income and properties strategies have drawn respectively £0.4bn (€0.5bn) and £0.1bn (€0.1bn) of net inflows.

Overall, Aberdeen posted £290.6bn of assets under management as at end 2015.

Market and foreign exchange movements were positive in Q4 2015, adding £8.5bn (€11.2bn) to AuM.

The acquisitions of Arden Asset Management and Advance Emerging Capital Limited completed in December have further brought £7.5bn (€9.9bn) to AuM whilst these of Parmenion Capital Partners and its sister company, Self Directed Holdings Limited, was completed in early January.

Aberdeen said it expects market conditions to remain difficult and that this situation is likely to be reflected in flows for the rest of the year.

“Against this backdrop, we remain committed to controlling costs and driving efficiency in our business,” the firm said in a statement.

The manager remains positive on longer term investment opportunities across asset classes and geographies.

Martin Gilbert, chief executive of Aberdeen, commented: “During the quarter we added to the business further, completing the acquisitions of Arden and Advance, followed by Parmenion in early January.

“Like the rest of the industry we continue to contend with the structural imbalances of the global economy and the cyclical slowdown in emerging markets, as well as the impact of falling oil and commodity prices.

“Despite the day-to-day fluctuations in investor sentiment we remain focussed on those issues that we can control.”

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