Finnish fund flows take local industry AUM past €115bn

Jonathan Boyd
Finnish fund flows take local industry AUM past €115bn

Investment Research Finland has reported Finnish domiciled mutual funds saw more than €95m in net subscriptions through April, which together with a €1bn positive contribution from market movements, saw total industry assets hit €115.8bn.

Equity funds attracted €268m in net inflows. Alternative funds some €55m. However, long term bond funds saw net outflows of €182m.

Key asset classes remain equity (44.4%), bond funds (30.7%), asset allocation funds (22.6%), short term bond funds (13.9%) and alternative funds (4.2%), according to the data split for April.

By market share, Nordea remains the biggest share of companies domiciled in Finland, 37.8%, OP has 21.1%, while Danske Invest has 9.8%.

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