Real assets Sicav subfund revealed by Cohen & Steers

Jonathan Boyd
clock • 1 min read

Cohen & Steers has launched another subfund to its Luxembourg Sicav, which is intended to offer access to multiple categories of real assets.

The Cohen & Steers Sicav Diversified Real Assets fund is focused on an actively managed portfolio offering exposure to sectors including global real estate securities, global listed infrastructure, global natural resource equities and commodities. It can also invest in gold related instruments and short duration fixed income for diversification and risk management.

The manager cited the challenging outlook for bonds even as equities face uncertainties amidst signals of rising inflation – these challenges point to a growing need to diversify allocation to real assets, to take advantage of returns that perform differently to those derived from equities and bonds, it suggested.

The fund is led by portfolio manager Vince Childers (pictured), who oversees some $1.2bn in assets for the firm. It also relies on the investment management and research capabilities of some 63 investment team members.