Candriam launches digital long short equity strategy

Ridhima Sharma
clock • 1 min read

Candriam announced the launch of a digital long short equity strategy. This strategy has been designed to invest in companies benefiting from the digital evolution of the economy by tapping into the growth potential of innovative companies and shorting disrupted companies.

This digital long short equity strategy is the latest addition to Candriam’s thematic strategies which already include specialist strategies in demography, biotechnology and robotics. Thematic strategies allow investors to capitalise on long-term socio-economic trends. Our investment mandate enables us to invest in digital champions over the long term, but also short companies which rely on legacy technology and have a negative profit momentum.

“The digital evolution of the economy is affecting all sectors and is pushing legacy firms to choose between transformation and economic death”, said César Zeitouni, who is in charge of the new strategy. “Digital technologies are no longer confined to the technology sector, but are redefining sectors from banking, to retail, to automotive. In the current economy, we believe there is an “Airbnb” hidden in all sectors.” We aim at investing in companies across sectors that are investing successfully in this new digital economy.

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