Hermes adds to real estate sustainability

Jonathan Boyd

Hermes Real Estate, part of Hermes Investment Management, has announced that four out of five of its property funds put forward have been awarded Global Real Estate Sustainability Benchmark Green Stars.

The GRESB provides sustainability data covering some $5.5trn of assets under management.

Hermes highlighted its Hermes Central London Limited Partnership, which got the overall third highest score in Europe, and the sixth highest of all GRESB scores. The Centre: MK portfolio got the highest score among its peer group in the retail sector, Hermes said.

Chris Taylor, chief executive, Hermes Real Estate, said: “These results are really a testament to the hard work of our investment team, asset managers and our dedicated Responsible Property Investment lead, Tatiana Bosteels. Investing in a sustainable and responsible manner is not only the right approach ethically, it is a smart business decision and meets the expectations of our growing client base. We look forward to improving on these excellent results in the coming year.”

Tatiana Bosteels, head of RPI, Hermes Real Estate, said: “For years, Hermes Real Estate has been a leader in the field of sustainability in the property industry. Our annual Responsible Property Investment Report released in June highlighted the great success that had been achieved over the past year. It is great to now see this benchmarked against our peers and further validates the hard work that the whole team has put in.”