VFF launches access to funds data via website

Jonathan Boyd
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VFF, the Norwegian Fund and Asset Management Association, has taken followed its peer organisation in Sweden in making available access to individual fund performance data via its own website.

It has already, for a number of years, produced monthly statistics available online for the Norwegian funds market – as is also done in the region by the Danish Investment Funds Association through its own website, and by a third party, Investment Research Finland, for the Finnish funds market –  showing net investments, withdrawals and market share for the various provider groups. The additional information will now facilitate drilling down to the individual fund level.

The Norwegian data is provided by the Oslo Børs (stock exchange) and is updated several times daily. Details on returns, management charges, risk levels, net asset values, and other key information is provided. VFF said the additional information fills an information gap that it has sought to close on behalf of its members

The additional fund level information tables allow for filtering according to different parameters, such as net returns over user-selected periods, as per the example below:

(Source: VFF)

Clicking into individual funds will show data such as returns over multiple periods, minimum investment levels, management charges expressed as a percentage, risk levels, NAV, active share, information ratios, and Sharpe scores.

(Source: VFF)

In Sweden, the Swedish Investment Funds Association (Fondbolagens förening) has been active for some years in building up greater access to data on individual funds. For retail investors in particular, it has created Fondkollen.se, a website that allows users to seek out and compare not only mutual funds bought directly, but also funds listed on the PPM platform, which is operated by the Swedish Pensions Agency, and which facilitates self-selection of funds as part of the country’s long term savings regime. Funds on the PPM platform tend to offer significant rebates for investors, which affects net return figures after costs.

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