AXA updates its iPMI plans from this month

AXA updates its iPMI plans from this month

AXA-Global Healthcare has unveiled changes to its iPMI plans, beginning this month, as it prepares to “meet fresh challenges” in the marketplace.

The updates include improvements to key products in its range, including its International Health Plan, and Global Protect Health Plan in Hong Kong, the company said in a statement.

In its statement, AXA said the “enhancements” were being made “across several areas of cover, including policy limits on the Standard and Prestige Plus plans, improved ambulance transport benefit, and an increased drugs and dressings and out-patient limit”.

It said it is also introducing two new excess options to its Standard plan, to give individual customers more options to tailor their premiums.

Sales and marketing director Kevin Melton said the changes were in line with the company’s standard practice of evolving to keep current with the constantly-changing private health insurance marketplace.

In summary, the key changes include:

• Overall policy limit – AXA says it has increased its overall annual policy limit on Standard and Prestige Plus, to offer customers additional reassurance that its plans can cover them for the treatment they may need

• Out-patient combined limit – given that treatment cost varies by country, in order to ensure customers can continue to get the most out of their Comprehensive and Prestige plans, AXA  has increased its out-patient limit, which covers diagnostic tests as well as physiotherapy, and visits to a doctor

• Ambulance transport – by removing the limit for ambulance transportation across all levels of cover, AXA says it “now covers the cost of ambulance transport in full for its customers”, which it said market analysis has shown to be a key concern for customers

• New excess options – AXA says it has introduced two higher excess options on its Standard plan without out-patient cover. This option can also help manage premiums for any individual customers who are concerned about price increases. (It says it’s made these changes because it understands that individual clients who choose its Standard International Health Plan are often happy to pay for day-to-day medical costs themselves, but still want cover for any serious or emergency treatment)

• Drugs and dressings benefit – AXA has increased its drugs and dressings limit on both its  Comprehensive and Prestige plans, in response “to feedback from members”

The product enhancements also cover country-specific plans, including the Global Protect Health Plan, available to large corporate clients in Hong Kong, AXA said in its statement.

AXA-Global Health is a part of the Paris-based AXA insurance and financial services group.