EXCLUSIVE VIDEO interview with UBS whistleblower Brad Birkenfeld

clock • 1 min read

A rare and exclusive video interview with whistleblower Bradley C. Birkenfeld, who as a former banker for Swiss banking giant UBS shared information with the US government and recovered a reported US$15bn in taxes and received a massive US$104m as a reward.

But in a bittersweet story he was also jailed for 31 months by the same government and has, he feels, been made a scapegoat in a story that has captivated the world and has Hollywood producers including Oliver Stone looking to bring this to the big screen.

Here, International Investment’s editorial team of Helen Burggraf and Gary Robinson interview Birkenfeld after his keynote speech at the 5th European OffshoreAlert conference held in London on 14, 15 November 2016.

In this video he talks about about his ‘crusade’ to continue to bring Swiss banks to ‘justice’ for assisting alleged tax evaders, discusses his thoughts on outgoing US president Barrack Obama and presidential nominee Hillary Clinton as he launches his new book: Lucifer’s Banker.