Allianz launches Lebanon expat healthcare plan

Allianz launches Lebanon expat healthcare plan

Allianz Worldwide Care has launched a new international healthcare plan for expats, nationals and their families living in Lebanon.

Allianz has developed four new plans that give customers access to healthcare facilities in Lebanon and across the Allianz global network.

Each option offers cashless treatments at in-patient and day-care facilities, medical evacuation, full-refund oncology treatment, and rehabilitation treatment. They were designed in partnership with Allianz local operation, Allianz SNA Lebanon.

Alexis Obligi, director of sales and marketing at Allianz Worldwide Care said Lebanon has a “growing population” of 4.5 million people, and a “globally mobile expat community”.

He said Alllianz had included a range of “deductible options” to reduce costs – adding that they had been “mindul” of cost – and said clients could choose from two different geographical regions of cover.

“This, together with the modular design of the plans, makes them amongst the most flexible in the market,” he said.