OpesFidelio adds Dublin-based advisers to its network

OpesFidelio adds Dublin-based advisers to its network

OpesFidelio, the UK-based financial network that is owned and managed by the fee-only Aisa Group, has added an Irish outpost, which will be based in Dublin and run by the husband and wife partnership of Nick and Rachel Reid. 

The new branch will be known as OpesFidelio (Ireland) Ltd.

The Reids (pictured above, left and centre, with Colin Hudson, right) previously had been affiliated with the London-based AES International advisory business, beginning six years ago.

In a statement, they said they intended to continue to provide advice to Irish residents and expatriates, “with the added advantages that OpesFidelio [membership] brings”.

OpesFidelio business manager Shane Wood said the Reids shared the OpesFidelio vision “of transparent advice, consistent with the principles of best advice”.

Aisa Group is the parent of Aisa International, the international advisory firm headed up out of its UK headquarters by James Pearcy-Caldwell.