PA Group boosts health insurance service with TrulyData deal

Jonathan Boyd
PA Group boosts health insurance service with TrulyData deal

Miami-headquartered Premier Assurance Group (PA Group) is looking to speed up growth of its Accident & Health division through a non-exclusive deal with technology provider TrulyData, which it says will significantly improve efficiencies in administration and provide a better experience for customers.

TrulyData has developed IT for international healthcare companies. PA Group will be looking to implement the technology in about six months’ time, reflecting some three months of implementation and three months of testing.

This roll-out will facilitate customisation of the technology as it is not an out-of-the-box solution, a spokesperson said, while in terms of improvements and automation the following are set to be put in place as a result of the deal:

  • All notices (particularly renewal and past due notices will be automated), only some notices are automated currently
  • Our accounting system and member/admin system are currently running on separate systems, now they will be integrated into one platform so accounting will be automated
  • There will be an Underwriting Module; we currently handle this manually by email and documents – the system will be able to allow us to post notes and terms agreed as suggested by our Dr/Underwriter and this will stay on the members file
  • We will be able to upload premiums per region and also define targeted discounts on premiums based on particular regions/zones
  • We will also be able to have an unlimited # of commission levels, instead of having this already preset by the system this can be flexible or easy to change at any time
  • All documents will be stored per member, with document imaging we can have a view of each member’s full history – this will also provide quality control
  • The members will have counters / charts showing how much deductible has been used/applied to their policy to keep they up-to-date on their spending

The improvements are initially intended to target the Accident & Health division – which includes services offered under the Premier Health and WEA individual and group policies. However, depending on the level of success implementing the technology it is hoped that it could also be integrated into PA Group’s Life & Investments division.

Charles Jorge, president of PA Group, said that work over the past year had identified technology as a cornerstone of evolving the group’s business. The spokesperson added that: “This system will help us expand tremendously; as we are already going through a growth spurt, this system will help us stay ahead of the curve and provide the best service possible to our clients.”

PA Group was founded by two former executives from General Electric. It has developed tailored healthcare products covering international health insurance and disability protection for customers in Latin America, the Caribbean, Europe, Asia and the Middle East.

Besides its headquarters in Miami, the group also has offices in the Cayman Islands and the British Virgin Islands.

Earlier this year, the group announced additional key hires, including Oscar Michel as VP of Business Development for Accident & Health, and Niurka Aleman as manager of Operations in the same division.

Jaime Landivar was also named VP of Business Development for the group’s Life & Investments division. Both Landivar and Michel report to Jorge who was appointed to the role of president in December 2015.


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