EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: New fund type to be revealed at Guernsey Funds Forum

EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: New fund type to be revealed at Guernsey Funds Forum

A new type of offshore fund structure is to be announced at tomorrow’s Guernsey Funds Forum.

The Guernsey Funds Forum is the Island’s biggest promotional event to London’s funds decision makers and takes place on tomorrow at 155 Bishopsgate, London.

In a teaser for tomorrow’s event, in an exclusive video interview (click here to view), Dominic Wheatley, chief executive at Guernsey Finance, revealed that new Guernsey-based products utilising a new type of fund structure are set to be launched, following rubber stamping by the Guernsey regulator.

Wheatley would not reveal any further details prior to his speech at tomorrow’s event, but said that he was “excited” by the announcement and hoped that the launch would receive a good response from the fund management industry.

“These are new types of fund structures,” said Wheatley. “They are variations on a theme if you like. They are responding to particular market demands, expanding the range of products that are available to people coming to Guernsey and I am looking forward to making that announcement tomorrow”.

“We are very excited about that and hoping that we get a good response to that and we’ve got the regulators that will be available to talk a bit more about that to people (at the event).”

In 2015 the event attracted 501 attendees including 351 off-Island delegates, attendees include investors, advisers, auditors, promoters and investment managers.

For more information and to register a place please visit website: http://www.guernseyfundsforum.com/home/

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