Allianz Worldwide Care launches product for Brexit-affected expats

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Allianz Worldwide Care, the Allianz insurance group’s international health insurance company, is introducing a new, “flexible” international health insurance plan it says is aimed at small businesses in the UK that employ “inpats”, and/or have a need to send their UK employees abroad.

Allianz WC said its new Flex Plan will give UK small businesses a “modular international health insurance solution” to offer their employees at a time when this could soon become essential.

The company noted that it although the implications of Brexit are continuing to unfold, the product would be well-suited to accommodate many UK businesses if, as appears likely, the UK’s departure from the European Union means that the existing reciprocal healthcare system, whereby British citizens and residents are able to rely for healthcare on their European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) when travelling and living in Europe, and vice-versa, will end.

Under the EHIC, EU citizens are entitled to free healthcare in whichever European country they happen to be in.

Speaking at a launch event in London earlier this week, Alexis Obligi, Allianz WC’s chief sales and marketing officer (pictured above, right, with global head of sales and distribution Andy Seale), said: “Sending employees abroad is a complicated business, especially for small businesses [that] don’t have the luxury of dedicated resources to investigate and address every element.

“Likewise, employees being sent abroad for work already have a number of stress factors to deal with when it comes to this kind of major relocation. They’re often moving to an unfamiliar environment, they may not speak the language or be familiar with the culture.

“Having easy access to health and well-being support, for them and their families, is one thing they don’t want to have to worry about.”

The key features of the new Flex Plan, according to Allianz Worldwide Care, include:

• A 24/7 multilingual helpline and emergency assistance service

• A simple, fast and easy process for submitting medical claims, via the company’s “MyHealth App”

• Cashless access to in-patient treatment

• 24/7 medical advice, employee assistance and security support services

Allianz Worldwide Care was founded in 2000 and provides international health insurance for multi-national organisations and private individuals and families living abroad. Its parent is Allianz SE, a global financial services company headquartered in Munich, Germany.

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