RL360 adds second product to app

RL360 adds second product to app

RL360 has added a second product to its app that features round the clock applications and a host of new features for those that are registered.

Oracle is the second product to be added to the RL360 App, following the roll out of the new technology last year that featured the company’s regular premium savings product Quantum.

“We’ve had a strong response since we launched the RL360 App with Quantum last year,” said marketing director Simon Barwell, pictured left.

“Our intention all along was to add more products and we’re happy to be able to do that with Oracle now, with more products to follow in future.”

RL360 said that using the app can save advisers and customers time and money and allows 24/7 document access online throughout the lifetime of the policy.

To sign up to the app, an adviser must have terms of business with RL360 and be registered to use the company’s Online Service Centre.

Once registered, the app can be downloaded for free from the Apple Store, after which the adviser can contact RL360 for activation. The app’s set up can be modified to fit adviser particular requirements, whichever way the business is structured, RL360 said.

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