Macron advocates Norway-style Brexit

Macron advocates Norway-style Brexit

Visiting the UK on Thursday, French president Emmanuel Macron encouraged his British counterpart to consider a Norway-style arrangement when the UK leaves the EU next year.

He told Britain’s prime minister, Theresa May, to “be my guest” if she seeks to maintain access to the single market – but only via a trade deal along the lines Norway currently has with Europe’s trade bloc.

Speaking at a summit for Anglo-French cooperation in military strategy, Macron said: “I’m here neither to punish nor to reward […] I want to make sure that the single market is preserved because that’s very much the heart of the EU.”

“So the choice is on the British side, not on my side,” he added. In response, May repeated her commitment to finding “a comprehensive freetrade agreement.”

Macron’s one-day visit to Sandhurst and its Royal Military Academy was aimed at strengthening bilateral relations between the two countries.

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