Discussing the digital death of fund selectors

Jonathan Boyd

The digital challenge to asset managers and fund selectors has been tackled in a new book published by Jon Beckett, member of InvestmentEurope‘s Editorial Board and independent CIO of Gemini Investment Management.

Titled New Fund Order: A Digital Death for Fund Selection?, the book looks at the challenges facing an industry that has remained largely unchanged over the past two decades even as the digitisation of industries, sectors and the global economy generally has been gathering pace.

Starting from the premise that the bulk of UK professionals engaged in selecting funds to buy could face redundancy over time in the face of digital challenges, the book looks to common ongoing challenges such as how to deal with ‘star’ fund managers and super-sized funds, but within the context of how such challenges will require a different approach in the future, digital, world.


Copies of the book can be ordered at http://www.blurb.co.uk/b/6266389-new-fund-order

A fuller review of the book will follow in the InvestmentEurope magazine


Jonathan Boyd
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Jonathan Boyd

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