FECIF launches EU-wide regulatory database

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FECIF, the pan-European trade association has launched a new regulatory database and documents library service.

The database has been created in a bid to bring together the masses of pan-European legislation all in one place and has been built across the last few months at FECIF (The European Federation of Financial Intermediaries and Financial Advisers) headquarters in Brussels.

The database is  exclusive to FECIF members and is now live at www.fecif-db.eu. In order to view all of the articles, and to access and download any documents, a personalised login is required.

“Our members will [now] be able to follow and obtain the latest information and documents on all of the important topics that are of concern to them, in particular with regards to EU legislation, including regulations, directives, articles and information,” said FECIF secretary general Paul Stanfield, in a statement announcing the launch earlier today.

“Our goal was to create a knowledge tool to help our members stay on top of all developments and be able to access pertinent information and documents in an easy, cost-efficient and time-effective manner.”

Seven main categories

All of the information is grouped into seven main categories, including investment, insurance and pensions. These categories are then further separated into more specific sub-categories such as MiFID2, IDD and PRIIPs. FECIF’s chairman, Johannes Muschik, said. “In this way any relevant content or documents can be accessed incredibly quickly and efficiently. This will save our members a huge amount of cost both in terms of time and legal bills.”

FECIF represents in excess of 30 trade bodies or industry organisations; via these it acts on behalf of over 245,000 advisors and intermediaries in Europe – and around 640,000 individuals in total.

Articles and information can be found via these categories and also by the most recently uploaded or popular items, using the “Archive” and “Document Library” features. Content can be found via the same main and sub-categories, or through a “Last Updated” feature, as well as via tags.

Vital issues

There is also a list of those documents that are being most often downloaded, which enables users to see at a glance the vital current issues amongst FECIF’s membership.

“The unique FECIF Regulatory Database and Documents Library is, and will be, updated regularly, providing an incredibly valuable direct resource for all of our members, and particularly for the national trade bodies that we represent”, Stanfield explained. “In addition, it will allow them to offer this exclusive facility to their own members at a significantly discounted cost, or even on a complimentary basis in some cases”.

All documents can be viewed within the system or downloaded to utilise immediately or at a later date. They can also be rated by the user and comments can be posted if desired.