Assets increased by 20.4% in Belgium funds in 2014


The Belgian asset management association (Beama) has announced net assets in public funds distributed in Belgium were reaching €141.58bn at 31 December 2014, with a growth of 20.4% over 2014 (€24.05bn). Belgian public funds managed €113.72bn at that period.

Publishing its results for Q4 2014, the Beama said net assets in funds marketed in Belgium have globally increased by 4.5%. The association explained this growth was due to important net inflows in both mixed and bond funds as well as the increase of underlying assets valuations.

Net assets in Belgian fixed income markets have grown by 4.3% in Q4 2014, reaching €35.23bn as at 31 December 2014 . That represents a growth of 13.7% over 2014 (€4.24bn).

In detail, assets in bond and monetary funds faced respectively a growth of 3.9% and 9.82% in Q4 2014.

Net assets in Belgian variable income markets increased by 4.5% in Q4 2014, reaching €106.35bn as at 31 December 2014, that represents a growth of 22.9% over 2014 (€19.81bn).

Equity funds’ assets have increased by 1.2% and balanced funds faced a growth of 9.01% in Q4 2014. Pension-saving funds comforted their historic record level facing an increase of 2.3% in Q4 2014.