Residential property analysis: Up to 7 NHS nurses or paramedics per house share

Residential property analysis: Up to 7 NHS nurses or paramedics per house share

Research from ideal flatmate, the UK room share platform, has looked into the ratio of nurses, paramedics and doctors - employed by the UK's National Health Services and working in London - who are required to room share in order to afford rental properties within reaching distance of the hospital in which they work.

This research was obtained by first, finding the cost of rent in postcodes where an NHS hospital is located. They then took the average net wage for a nurse, a paramedic and a doctor in the NHS before applying the 27% rule for the amount of income typically spent on rent.

From this, they determined how many of each were required to successfully afford to rent around each hospital by dividing the average monthly rent in each area by the 27% of the income available. The data shows that on average four paramedics are required to house share per property, three nurses per property and just two doctors per property.

The most expensive hospital in London to live in the vicinity of is The Royal Brompton and Royal Marsden Hospitals with seven paramedics needed per property, six nurses needing to house share and even four doctors needed to afford rent.

Tom Gatzen, co-founder of ideal flatmate, said, "Arguably the most hard-working amongst us, our NHS provides an invaluable service working long shifts for what is often an inadequate wage when compared to other sectors."

"We're obviously all for room sharing in the capital and the positives it can bring for wellbeing, lifestyle and bank balance, but while some hospitals do provide a more realistic rental market within the immediate area, even we don't advise sharing an average sized property with six or seven people."

The average rent for a properties in close circumference to hospitals in London is £1,727. The average monthly rent allowance for a nurse is £575, for a paramedic it's £508 and for doctors it's £1,025.

The most affordable hospital for staff to live close to is St Hellier Hospital near Croydon, a borough in south London. Three paramedics are required to share a property in that area, while just two nurses can share a house and a single doctor can have a place to himself.