Guernsey looking at AI to tackle shortage of finance workers

Artificial intelligence could make up for the shortage of finance workers in Guernsey by taking on the ‘grunt work’ of many jobs, according to the head of Channel Islands IT company Sigma Robert Sillars.

“It takes the grunt work out of doing the analysis and lets AI do that,” Sillars told local media outlet Guernsey Press.

“Therefore these people, who are quite bright, can go off and do a more productive job by bringing more business to that business or to the island. Because of the uniqueness of where we are and we are limited with the number we have on-island, this actually creates more wealth,” he added.

His comments came as representatives from Fujitsu recently visited Guernsey to discuss how the company’s ‘deep learning’ platform and other services could support their companies.

Mark McAlpine, business development director at Fujitsu, said: “AI is all about making people more efficient. Where you have got a gap in employment or where you have got full employment and lots of available jobs, AI can fill that gap and make the existing workforce more efficient.”

He added that his company was working with an insurance company in London on a proof of concept project around their modelling data.

‘What they want to do is automate the run of the mill stuff and move their people into jobs where they are focusing on the more bespoke things to make more money. They reckon they can increase their profit 10%, 15%, 20%,’ McAlpine told Guernsey Press.

Hundreds of vacancies are said to be available in the finance sector in Guernsey.

Pedro Gonçalves
Pedro Gonçalves is Financial Correspondent at International Investment.

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