Switzerland named best work destination

The European economy may have spent the last few years in the doldrums, but according to a new report, it still offers some of the best employment opportunities in the world for global expats.

The report, released by HSBC Expat, named Switzerland as the best country in the world to work as an expat, with two other European countries, Sweden and Germany, taking second and third place.

The HSBC Expat Explorer survey, which was carried out by YouGov, interviewed some  21,950 expats.

When the last full report was released in September, it was Singapore that came out on top overall.

But HSBC has now focused specifically on expats’ experience working abroad, and Switzerland has come out the winner. That’s a significant leap from its overall position of 10th in the September report. Sweden, which came third in the 2015 survey, was the second best country to work as an expat, while Germany (fifth overall) was third.

The new figures also revealed that the average income of the expats surveyed was US$103,544 (£71,535).

For expats who put money ahead of quality of life or career progression, the best bet is Bahrain, which came out as the top destination for earning potential. For expats looking for career progression, however, Hong Kong was the number one destination, while Sweden came out as the best for work-life balance.

The new figures also broke down how expats found their job, and the overwhelming result was that people become expats because work takes them abroad, rather than because they decide to move overseas, and then look for a job on notice boards and through recruiters.

Twenty-eight per cent of the expats surveyed said they found their job through their existing employer. Twenty-six per cent found their job through existing contacts, while 23% found through ‘other’ means. Only 13% found their job through an advertisement, while 11% used a recruitment consultant.

You can use HSBC’s interactive tool here.

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