Kuwaiti MP claims 30% of expats in the country ‘useless’

A senior MP in Kuwait described nearly a third of the foreign workers in the country as “not useful” and urged the government to gradually deport them, according to local media.

MP Mohammad Al-Dallal, a member of a National Assembly’s panel entrusted to find more jobs for Kuwaitis, told reporters that the large number of expatriates in the country, who form 70% (3.3 million) of the population, put major pressure on essential services and infrastructure like health, traffic and others.

“Expatriates must be welcomed and highly appreciated for all the great services rendered to the country and given their full rights”, he said, insisting, however, that the current demographic structure, which is in favour of foreigners, involves national security risks for Kuwait and measures must be adopted swiftly to deal with this.

There have been several proposals in the past that called for reducing the number of expatriates, sharply reducing each community to become less than 10% of Kuwait’s 1.4 million native population.

Dallal said the number of Kuwaitis in the private sector is very small, and the committee found that the government in fact does not have a proper program for encouraging Kuwaitis to seek jobs in the private sector.

He was quoted as saying that his committee was expected to recommend that the government bar foreign workers from some private sector job roles to make them “entirely for Kuwaitis” over the next 10-15 years.

Pedro Gonçalves
Pedro Gonçalves is Financial Correspondent at International Investment.

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