2,140 expats’ contracts frozen in Kuwait

A study from the Kuwaiti authorities on how to create more jobs for nationals resulted in the freezing of 2,140 contracts of expatriates effective from July 1, 2018. The jobs are pending termination.

Head of Civil Service Commission (CSC) Ahmed Al-Jassar announced the completion of an annual study on the creation of more jobs for locals in detriment of expats. He revealed that the study resulted in the freezing of 2,140 contracts of expatriates, indicating that the jobs will be cancelled from the public budget of the coming fiscal year.

Over 1,600 expatriate workers were terminated from public sector positions in Kuwait in 2018, according to new statistics from Kuwait’s Civil Service Commission (CSC).

According to the figures quoted in the Kuwait Times of the 1,629 employees terminated, 1,431 lost their job in the last three months alone. That is almost three times the number of expatriates dismissed in all of 2017.

The terminations come as Kuwait is working to create more jobs for Kuwaiti nationals in state departments. In 2017, only 666 expatriate employees lost their jobs.

CSC statistics show that – as of July 1 – there are 352,169 public sector employees. Of these, 76.13 percent, or 268,100, are Kuwaiti nationals, an increase of 2,478 from the previous year.

The figures show that 83,743 expat public sector workers are teachers, followed by administrative workers (55,712), medical employees (50,411), engineers (43,511), and financial, economic and commercial jobs (23,631).

Kuwait, a country of approximately four million, is comprised of only 1.3 million Kuwaitis. Some 12,000 Kuwaitis remain unemployed in a country that guarantees employment to all its citizens, according to the latest statistics.

Pedro Gonçalves
Pedro Gonçalves is Financial Correspondent at International Investment.

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