Int’l Investment’s Friday Trivia Quiz

Every Friday, we challenge our readers with five financial trivia questions drawn from the financial pages, accreditation organisations, and from readers who share our enthusiasm for the perfectly-conceived quiz question.

To see the answers, go to page 2. To suggest a question, email

1. Rank these currencies in order of smallest to largest (that is, in increasing order of the relative value of a single unit of each currency):

British pound sterling; US dollar; Indian Rupee; European euro; and Japanese yen.

2. In her 2009 bestseller Fool’s Gold, Financial Times journalist Gillian Tett says which particular financial product played a major role in bringing about the 2008 financial crisis?

3. Almost 20 years ago, a certain well-known American economist said that the computer age could be seen “everywhere but in the productivity statistics”. Who is he, and what, apart from this quote, has been his general contribution to economic theory?

4. If “deflation” is a decline in the prices of goods and services – the reverse of inflation – what is meant by “disinflation”?

5. Why is the concept of limited liability, first introduced in the US in 1811, so key to industrial capitalism?

(To see the answers to these five questions, go to page 2.)

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