Int’l Investment’s Friday Trivia Quiz (4)

Every Friday, we challenge our readers with five financial trivia questions drawn from the financial pages, accreditation organisations, and from readers who share our enthusiasm for the perfectly-conceived quiz question.

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1. In the overlapping worlds of private equity, venture capital investing and other forms of start-up funding, people often refer to ‘unicorns’. What are these unicorns, and where does the name come from?

2. A probability of (a.) means it will never happen. A probability of (b.) means that it definitely will.

3.  A pension transfer specialist who deals with safeguarded benefit transfer advice must have which of the following qualifications?
(a.)  An FCA CF30 (customer function) accreditation
(b.)  A G60 or AF3 (CII), or Pensions paper of Professional Investment Certificate (IFS)
(c.)  Be a fellow/associate of Pensions Management Institute or a fellow/associate of Faculty of Actuaries
(d.)  Have an FCA CF30 (customer function) accreditation, plus (b.) or (c.), above

4. Name the American former Calvin Klein model and film actor (Dude, Where’s My Car?) who has recently made a name for himself as an early-stage investor in such companies as Airbnb, Skype and Uber (and, rather less notably, Secret, an anonymous sharing app start-up that failed to take off and was discontinued last year).

5.  Before the 2008 global financial crisis, there was talk of a group of six countries getting together to form their own currency union, along the lines of the EU’s euro. It even got to the stage where someone came up with an idea for a symbol that might represent the new currency in print, along the lines of the euro and dollar symbols. But when markets started to crumble in 2008, talk of the proposed new currency quieted down, and finally stopped altogether, though the idea still has its advocates.

Which six countries were they, and what was perhaps the best-known of the proposed names for the currency?

(To see the answers to these five questions, go to page 2.)

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