The Friday Trivia Quiz – ‘Where’s Charlie’s?’ edition

Every Friday, we challenge our readers with five financial trivia questions drawn from the international/offshore world…

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1. Cheap Charlie’s Bar, featured in the photograph, is a well-known expat drinking establishment in the central business district of which Asian city?

2.  Name two events, one in the late 1950s and one in the early 1960s, that are seen today as having led the Isle of Man to develop a financial services industry.

3. Who first coined the expression “Disneyland with the Death Penalty” , to refer to Singapore? What happened next?

4.  According to the US Bureau of Economic Activity (2013 data), which US state is home to both the metropolitan area with the highest per capita personal income, as well as the metropolitan area with the lowest per capita personal income?

5.  A recent Bloomberg article noted that a certain well-known G20 country is on its way to becoming “the world’s favourite new tax haven”. Some, the article noted, “are calling it the new Switzerland”. Which country is it?

(To see the answers to these five questions, go to page 2.)

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