The Friday financial trivia quiz – Concorde edition

Every Friday, we challenge our readers with five financial trivia questions drawn from the international/offshore world…

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1.   Concorde, the famous droop-nosed supersonic aircraft best known for flying business tycoons and celebrities back and forth between New York and London at twice the speed of sound, from 1977 until 2003, used to fly to one Caribbean destination from London on a regular basis. Which was it?

a. Antigua     b. the Bahamas    c.  Cayman Islands    d. Barbados

2. How long did Concorde’s flight from London to New York normally take?

a. 2 and a half hours       b.  3 hours      c.  3 and a half  hours       d. 4 hours

3. In 1961 a certain now-well-established financial services jurisdiction got its start as a banking and financial centre after its local lawmakers finally repealed something known as The Code of 1771, which had included an anti-usury provision that had never previously been repealed, and which limited the interest rate that could be charged for loans to 5%. This jurisdiction was:

a.) The Isle of Man   b.) Jersey    c.) Guernsey     d.) The Cayman Islands

4. Economic theorists lately have been discussing the concept of “creative destruction”, and its relevance during the current era of global economic turmoil and change. Which economic philosopher is credited with having first coined this phrase?

a.) Milton Friedman  b.) John Maynard Keynes  c. Joseph Schumpeter  d. ) Hyman Minsky

5.  What is the nickname, in certain expat circles, for Thailand’s Bang Kwang Central Prison? Where does the nickname come from?

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