Int’l Investment’s Friday Financial Trivia Quiz

Every Friday, we challenge our readers with five financial trivia questions drawn from the financial pages, accreditation organisations, and from readers who share our enthusiasm for the perfectly-conceived quiz question.

To see the answers, go to page 2.  To suggest a question, email 

1. According to American business historian Alfred D Chandler Jr, in the 19th century, the visible __________ of ____________ began to supplant what Adam Smith had referred to as “the invisible hand of market forces”.

2. What is the meaning of “Keiretsu”?

3. What are the names of the “Big Four” major US accounting firms?

4. What’s the name of the accounting firm that once comprised part of what used to be known as the “Big Five”; and what happened to it?

5. A “high beta stock” is one that is (a., more) (b., less) volatile and correlated than the market average
(To see the answers to these five questions, go to page 2.)

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