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Singapore ranks second in global competitiveness study

A new World Economic Forum (WEF) ranking for the most competitive and innovative economies ranked Singapore in second place worldwide, just behind the United States. A total of 140 nations were reviewed by the WEF for its annual Global Competitiveness Report. The study found that Singapore, alongside Germany, Netherlands, Sweden, Finland, and the United States […]

Investors fearful of CRS data breaches: OMI survey

A majority of international advisers say their clients are worried about the Common Reporting Standard (CRS), either because they do not understand it or are afraid of personal data breaches, a new survey reveals. Research carried out by Old Mutual International, part of Quilter, reveals that 59% of advisers say their clients have concerns about […]

UK tops overseas cash inflows despite Brexit: Knight Frank

The UK tops overseas inflow of overseas deposits by ‘some margin’, according to the updated six months statistics within Knight Frank’s wide-ranging wealth report. The level of deposits held overseas around the world is increasing, according to the mid-year update of Knight Frank’s Wealth Report. The total level of cross-border deposits reported at December 2017 […]

Financials fail to prove top diversity in Thomson Reuters index

Financial groups are failing to beat companies operating in the professional services, pharmaceutical, drinks making, retail, telecoms, cosmetics and other industries, when it comes to the top decile and top quartile rankings in the latest Thomson Reuters Diversity & Inclusion index. The index is based on relative performance measures covering some 7,000 companies. Each company […]

Five key themes noted in SWF Study

Five key themes have been highlighted through answers provided by sovereign investors and central bank reserve managers for the sixth Invesco Global Sovereign Asset Management Study. They include: equity allocations and portfolios, private markets, fees and cryptocurrencies, according to Alexander Millar, head of EMEA Sovereigns, head of UK Institutional Business at Invesco. Equities remain important […]

Comment: Why the Bahamas is the clear choice

Alvaro Tomas, partner at Morgan & Morgan, explains how the Bahamas helped their group of companies grow as a financial and corporate services provider. Tomas recalls their board of directors foresight in choosing the Bahamas in the mid-90s as they now reap the successes from that decision. Comfortable with the safety and friendly business atmosphere […]

China, Brazil and Turkey ‘most complex jurisdictions’: report

The most challenging country on earth in which to be an accounting and tax compliance professional at the present time is China, a new survey has revealed, followed, in order of declining complexity, by Brazil, Turkey, Italy and Argentina. The least “complex” jurisdiction, meanwhile, for the second year in a row is the Cayman Islands, […]

International Investment’s Essential Compendium of Acronyms

International Investment’s Essential Acronym Compendium is a collection we’ve put together over the years, in an effort to make sense of the financial services industry’s acronym jungle. If you can’t find an acronym you’re looking for, have an idea for one that isn’t here, or would like to suggest changes to our definition of a particular […]

Chatham House picks ex-Goldman economist O’Neill as chairman

Chatham House, the international British think-tank at the Royal Institute of International Affairs, has elected an economist, Jim O’Neill, as its new chairman. O’Neill, who was chief economist at Goldman Sachs from 2001 to 2010, has previous roles as joint head of research at Goldman Sachs (1995–2000), and chairman of its asset management division (2010–13); […]

Bahamas awaits confirmation of removal from the EU’s list of non-cooperative jurisdictions

Peter Turnquest, The Bahamas’ deputy prime minister and minister of finance, in addressing the regrettable decision by the European Union to place The Bahamas on a list of non-cooperative jurisdictions for tax purposes, has emphasized the country is committed to international tax transparency and cooperation, exchange of information, and international regulatory standards. “The government of […]

Industry leaders set out vision of hedge fund firm of the future

Some of the top leaders in the global hedge fund industry have put forward their collective vision of the hedge fund firm of the future in a major new report published today by the Alternative Investment Management Association (AIMA), the global representative of alternative investment managers. The report, “Perspectives: Industry Leaders on the Future of […]

London pips NY to remain top financial centre – GFCI 23 reveals

London beating has beaten New York by a single point according to the 23rd issue of the Global Financial Centres Index. The Index considers 103 factors on the basis of quantitative measures provided by the World Bank, Economist Intelligence Unit, OECD and UN. Findings are combined with over 28,000 assessments provided via an online questionnaire that […]

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