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Leading green financial centres named in new index

A global ranking of financial centres was unveiled today, known as the Global Green Finance Index, which places London at the top. The new Global Green Finance Index, or GGFI, is the joint project of  Z/Yen, the London-based research organisation behind the decade-old Global Financial Centres Index, and Finance Watch, a Brussels-based non-profit organisation that is […]

How ‘smart’ is your city: Juniper Research reveals the 20 ‘cleverest’

Cities are often ranked by their cost of living, livability, career opportunities and even levels of pollution and crime. A less-well-known measure is “smartness” – defined, we have just been told, as how well a given urban ecosystem employs digital technology, shared knowledge and cohesive processes to benefit its citizens, as measured by “mobility, public […]

US advisers face ‘critical’ business succession cliff edge situation: study

A large number of financial advisers based the United States could face a ‘critical’ business succession situation unless they make changes to their plans according to a new study that has been released. The Cerulli Associates study – entitled US Advisor Metrics 2017: The Next Generation of Planning, discusses advisers’ expansion of comprehensive financial planning offerings […]

International Investment’s Essential Compendium of Acronyms

International Investment’s Essential Acronym Compendium is a collection we’ve put together over the years, in an effort to make sense of the financial services industry’s acronym jungle. If you can’t find an acronym you’re looking for, have an idea for one that isn’t here, or would like to suggest changes to our definition of a particular […]

GCC insurance markets ‘will grow’ but some pressures seen: S&P Global report

The Gulf Cooperation Council’s insurance sector will remain strong and “broadly stable” in 2018, despite ongoing regulatory and competitive challenges, but the industry is not without its pressure points, an  S&P Global Ratings report has said. New regulations, which bring with them higher capital requirements, and other demands “will add to costs and increase pressure […]

HSBC Expat Explorer: Mumbai best for expats in search of biggest paycheques

Mumbai, India’s financial services and commercial capital city, tops the latest HSBC Expat Explorer list of jurisdictions for expat salaries, with expats there earning an average annual income more than double the global expat average, data released today reveals.  Expats working in Mumbai – formerly known as Bombay – earn an average annual income of […]

The Bahamas: Clearly Focused

Globally, there is a commitment to tax cooperation and transparency. Governments across the world are working with their international partners to address the issue of global inequality. This is being achieved largely through the exchange of information. The risks to the financial services industry have never been higher as clients report their offshore accounts via […]

World Economic Forum warns of grave risks to global economy

Despite a strong performance from many of the world’s economies, with growth picking up and unemployment falling, the World Economic Forum issued a stark warning on Wednesday that this recovering global economy is also facing unprecedented risks, many of which governments and businesses often chronically ill-prepared to tackle. The release of the World Economic Forum’s […]

Second home, second passport? Buyer beware!

 As developing countries rush to sell citizenships to fuel disaster recovery or development, there are more opportunities than ever before to buy property that delivers a passport as well as a set of keys. With so many developers scrambling to profit from the global demand for citizenship by investment (CBI), buyers who don’t do their […]

Sponsored: Jersey pension structures benefit 60 million people globally report says

The myth that investment activity undertaken in Jersey is relevant to and benefits only big business and wealthy people has been turned on its head with the publication of a new report this month, which shows that at least 60 million people around the world are benefiting from pension funds invested through Jersey. Undertaken by […]

OECD finds ‘deep’ divisions in society across a range of indices

More than one in three people are within just three months’ wages of poverty, says a new report that urges governments to find new ways to engage with citizens and address their needs in order to restore trust in society and politics. The Paris-based Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) surveyed its member countries, 35 […]

Multi-family offices see growth spurt as rich get richer

US multi-family offices are steadily winning market share from traditional banks and wealth-management firms by focusing on what they are best at and quietly outsourcing esoteric financial advice to specialist firms, a new report discloses. And rather than fight the trend, says the report’s authors, banks and financial advisory firms would do well to work […]

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