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Pershing: ‘How to succeed with Generation Why – younger HNW clients’

By: Helen Burggraf | 26 Jun 2017

Financial advisers who wish to attract and retain today’s younger HNW investors need to adjust not only their marketing strategies, but also their business models, according to…

560,000 employed in Europe’s AM industry – EFAMA

By: Jonathan Boyd | 24 May 2017

The 9th annual edition of the European Fund and Asset Management Association’s Asset Management Report has highlighted that more than half a million people are directly or indirectly…

Vistra report highlights anti-globalisation’s threats to trusts, corp services sector

By: Helen Burggraf | 19 May 2017

The aftershocks of a series of major world events, including Brexit and the US election result, are threatening the concept of globalisation, which in turn is unsettling…

Fund houses consolidation and passive predicted to rise: report

By: Gary Robinson | 12 Apr 2017

More consolidation of the global financial services sector is necessary to deal with a changing industry and a widespread investor shift to passive management will lead to thinner margins…

Client losses at top of Dubai advisers 2017 concerns: report

By: Gary Robinson | 21 Dec 2016

A survey of investment advisers in the Middle East has found many of the region’s investment advisers are concerned about losing clients, amid an uncertain political future…

International Investment’s Essential Compendium of Acronyms

By: International Investment Staff | 18 Dec 2016

International Investment’s Essential Acronym Compendium is a collection we’ve put together over the years, in an effort to make sense of the financial services industry’s acronym jungle. If…

CISI introduces mandatory CPD for global membership

By: Gary Robinson | 25 Nov 2016

The Chartered Institute for Securities & Investment (CISI) is introducing mandatory Continuing Professional Development (CPD) for its global membership. The new CPD policy, effective 1 April 2017,…

Australian regulator: Oz financial markets are behaving themselves better

By: Helen Burggraf | 07 Nov 2016

The Australian Securities and Investments Commission’s most recent report into market integrity has founds that Australia’s financial markets are behaving better now than they were 10 years ago.…

MiFID II will lead ‘more than half’ IFA businesses to overhaul: study

By: Gary Robinson | 25 Oct 2016

More than half (52%) of financial advisers will be forced to rethink their business models due to additional regulatory and compliance demands, resulting from the introduction of MiFID II,…

UK economy to enter ‘prolonged period of weaker growth’ in Brexit’s wake: EY ITEM Club

By: Helen Burggraf | 17 Oct 2016

The UK’s economy is about to enter a “prolonged period of weaker growth”, although it will be boosted by exports, as a result of the slide in…

London again tops latest GFCI ranking, but possible future Brexit impact seen

By: Gary Robinson | 26 Sep 2016

London has again come out at the top of the twice-annual Global Financial Centres Index, which ranks the world’s leading financial centres, but those who compile the…

Private equity, real estate best for family offices in otherwise lacklustre 2015: report

By: Helen Burggraf | 12 Sep 2016

Family office portfolios struggled to generate returns in 2015, according to an annual survey of more than 200 such institutions around the world, with private equity and…

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