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Jersey and Guernsey in EU ‘grey list’ denial, unlike IoM

By: Eugene Costello | 06 Dec 2017

Senior politicians associated with the Channel Islands jurisdictions of Jersey and Guernsey today denied that they were on a European Council so-called “grey list” of 47 countries,…

UK tax lobbying group dismisses EU blacklist as ‘politically led’ charade

By: Eugene Costello | 05 Dec 2017

The publication of the European Council’s so-called tax haven blacklist served to show a “lack of effective action being taken” by the European Union on widespread tax…

Relief for Crown Dependencies and BOTs as EU blacklist fears prove unfounded

By: Eugene Costello | 05 Dec 2017

The long-awaited European Council’s Code of Conduct (COC) was published today, with relief for UK Crown Dependencies and British Overseas Territories (BOTs) who do no feature on…

Angry Erdogan vows to settle scores over opposition’s Isle of Man offshore claims

By: Eugene Costello | 30 Nov 2017

Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan today angrily denounced the main opposition leader for claiming that Erdogan’s family and associates had transferred millions of dollars to the Isle…

British Overseas Territories pushed to do more on tax transparency

By: Eugene Costello | 30 Nov 2017

Prime minister Theresa May this week pushed representatives of British Overseas Territories (BOTs) to redouble their efforts to do more on tax transparency ahead of an expected…

Comment: In defence of offshore funds

By: Paul Smith | 30 Nov 2017

Offshore funds provide a way of facilitating the flow of capital around the world in the most efficient and cost-effective way possible and Guernsey has been at…

US arrests made in connection with Guernsey’s Providence case

By: Helen Burggraf | 28 Nov 2017

Two executives of the Miami-based parent of Guernsey-based Providence Global Ltd, which collapsed in 2016, have been federally indicted, and third defendant pleaded guilty to his role…

Tax Justice Network in blacklist warning to UK financial sector

By: Helen Burggraf | 27 Nov 2017

The UK’s financial services industry “could face heavy penalties after Brexit unless the UK turns back on its aggressive tax haven policies”, according to the UK-based Tax Justice…

Opinion: In defence of offshore jurisdictions post-Paradise Papers

By: Jack Inglis, Chief Executive, AIMA | 27 Nov 2017

The so-called Paradise Papers cast scrutiny once again on offshore jurisdictions, with suggestions of improper tax behaviour, notes Jack Inglis, chief executive of the Alternative Investment Management Association. The London-headquartered…

Jersey and Guernsey ministers in Brussels to ensure good relations post-Brexit

By: Eugene Costello | 24 Nov 2017

Guernsey and Jersey chief ministers spent two days meeting with EU “decision-makers” in Brussel this week in talks aimed at ensuring that the two Crown Dependencies continue…

No stamp of approval for Stanley Gibbons’ failed Guernsey investment vehicle

By: Eugene Costello | 23 Nov 2017

An unspecified numbers of investors but described as “hundreds” face uncertainty on the news that the Guernsey-registered investment subsidiary of well-known philately company Stanley Gibbons has gone…

Sponsored: Jersey pension structures benefit 60 million people globally report says

By: Geoff Cook | 23 Nov 2017

The myth that investment activity undertaken in Jersey is relevant to and benefits only big business and wealthy people has been turned on its head with the…

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