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Craig Barley named to head up Butterfield Trust (Bahamas)

By: Helen Burggraf | 25 Apr 2018

Bermuda-based Butterfield Trust (Bahamas) Ltd, a wholly owned subsidiary of the Bermuda-based Bank of NT Butterfield & Son Ltd, has named Craig Barley managing director, succeeding Timothy Colclough.…

Offshore sector clashes with media over Paradise Papers fallout

By: Christopher Copper-Ind | 19 Apr 2018

The International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ) has come under renewed attack from members of the offshore finance industry following its role in the publication of law…

Bahamas recommended for removal from EU tax blacklist

By: Christopher Copper-Ind | 19 Apr 2018

The European Union’s Code of Conduct Group has officially recommended the Bahamas’ removal from the list of non-cooperative jurisdictions for tax purposes. The government of the Bahamas…

Bahamas waits anxiously for news of EU ‘blacklist’ removal

By: Christopher Copper-Ind | 16 Apr 2018

The Bahamas is still waiting to hear whether it has escaped the European Union’s “blacklist” of jurisdictions that do not, in the eyes of Brussels, conform with…

Comment: The EU and the ‘new 21st century colonialism’

By: Anthony Travers, OBE, Travers Thorp Alberga | 05 Apr 2018

Responding to public and media pressure brought on by the so-called Panama and Paradise papers exposés, the European Union has been compiling, tweaking and talking for months…

BVI sets out measures to counter EU tax ‘greylist’ concerns

By: Christopher Copper-Ind | 23 Mar 2018

The British Virgin Islands (BVI) this week outlined its action plan detailing key steps the jurisdiction pledges to undertake in order to allay EU concerns of harmful…

Butterfield to acquire Deutsche’s banking, custody biz in Cayman, Channel Islands

By: Helen Burggraf | 19 Feb 2018

The Bank of NT Butterfield & Son is to acquire Deutsche Bank’s banking and custody businesses in the Cayman Islands, Jersey and Guernsey, the Bermuda-based institution  founded…

BVI accounts for 25% of UK properties owned by overseas companies: BBC

By: Helen Burggraf | 13 Feb 2018

A quarter of the properties in England and Wales that are owned by overseas firms is held by entities registered in the British Virgin Islands, according to…

Michael Gove hits out at UK water companies over ‘tax haven’ use

By: Helen Burggraf | 01 Feb 2018

Michael Gove, the UK’s environment secretary, has hit out at the country’s privatised water companies over their use of offshore financial arrangements and “opaque financial structures”. The UK’s…

Appleby said to retain well-known QC to ‘block further publication’ of docs

By: Helen Burggraf | 24 Jan 2018

Appleby, the offshore law firm at the centre of last year’s so-called Paradise Papers tax avoidance scandal, has retained a well-known UK legal figure, Hugh Tomlinson, QC,…

EU set to remove eight jurisdictions from tax haven blacklist

By: Helen Burggraf | 16 Jan 2018

The European Union is expected to remove eight countries, including Panama, from a 17-country “tax haven blacklist” of jurisdictions it published in December, according to a Reuters…

Ocorian completes acquisition of MAS International

By: Helen Burggraf | 15 Jan 2018

Ocorian, the Jersey-based trust, alternative investment, corporate and private client services business that rebranded from Bedell Trust in 2016, has completed its acquisition of MAS International, a…

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