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Comment: Next steps for global climate change policy

By: Matt Crossman | 03 Apr 2018

Institutions and businesses around the world maintained their resolve to support the climate change agenda throughout 2017, despite the expressed intent of President Trump to reverse his…

Comment: Why cryptocurrencies are so popular in Estonia

By: Mark Schwarz | 03 Apr 2018

In 2011, the Baltic nation of Estonia was the poorest country in the Eurozone. The country had just been added to the eurozone, and its people were…

Comment: Trump is waging war on the world’s economy

By: Robert Lea | 27 Mar 2018

US President Donald Trump’s decision to impose tariffs on US imports of steel and aluminium surprised markets, raising the fear of a trade war. While Trump tweeted…

Comment: Expect more market turbulence as Fed normalises

By: Thanos Bardas | 23 Mar 2018

In line with expectations, the Federal Reserve raised short-term rates by 25 basis points on Wednesday to a range of 1.50%-1.75%. In the run-up to the meeting,…

Comment: Final salary pension sign-offs: Does ‘advice’ enter into it?

By: Christopher Lean, Chartered Financial Planner, Aisa International | 21 Mar 2018

UK lawmakers and pension industry regulators are at last beginning to take a look at the process by which individuals with final salary pension schemes are able…

VIDEO: Dubai advisers set for consolidation amid ‘massive’ change

By: Gary Robinson | 14 Mar 2018

Financial advisers based in Dubai and operating within the Middle East region should get set for consolidation during ‘massive’ changes within the regulatory backdrop of financial services, according…

FRONTRUNNERS: Hansard Int’l and Investors Trust on Dubai changes

By: Gary Robinson | 07 Mar 2018

In the latest International Investment digital edition we featured a special ‘Frontrunners’ report with editorial and video comment pieces by Hansard International and Investors Trust. To view the DUBAI REPORT: FRONTRUNNERS click here…

Comment: Putting the customer first

By: Peter Hobbs | 01 Mar 2018

I recently attended a series of meetings and forums within the UK and listened to various voices from within the industry patting themselves on the back as…

Opinion: Avoid chasing earnings momentum in recovering Japan

By: Joel Le Saux | 23 Feb 2018

The Japanese economy has marked its 60th consecutive month of economic recovery, the second-longest period since the second world war, thanks largely to strengthening global growth prompting…

Comment: Questions raised about ‘piecemeal’ approach to tackling UK corruption

By: Yigal Chazan | 19 Feb 2018

Police gain new powers to seize the assets of corrupt individuals, but a key weapon in their anti-graft armoury is missing. The impact of a new law…

Comment: The policing effect of consumer power

By: Alexander Machkevitch | 19 Feb 2018

Global trade has done wonders for investors and consumers by reducing prices and increasing returns. By shifting production to low labour cost areas it has helped lift…

The Bahamas: Clearly Focused

By: Tanya McCartney | 16 Feb 2018

Globally, there is a commitment to tax cooperation and transparency. Governments across the world are working with their international partners to address the issue of global inequality.…

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