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Comment: Spanish-compliant bonds ‘too often are a rip-off’ for investors

By: James Pearcy-Caldwell, Chief Executive, Aisa International | 08 Jan 2018

In Spain, as in many other developed financial markets around the world, investors have for decades been advised by locally-based expat advisory firms to entrust their savings…

Opinion: Bitcoin is a derivative that could bring down the financial system

By: Richard Harris | 21 Dec 2017

“… we do not expect significant spillovers from the subprime market to the rest of the economy or to the financial system.”  – Ben Bernanke, Federal Reserve Chairman,…

The decline of innovation and the SME: deVere chairman

By: Gary Robinson | 18 Dec 2017

The fast-changing global financial services environment used to be driven hard by product and service innovation, says Peter Hobbs, Chairman of deVere Group. New developments often blossomed from…

Opinion: Christmas Crackers – Asset managers hot stock picks for 2018

By: Eugene Costello | 14 Dec 2017

Jacob Mitchell, CIO of Antipodes Partners and manager of the Antipodes Global Fund – UCITS Samsung Electronics For a long time, minority shareholders in Korea have been…

Comment: In defence of offshore funds

By: Paul Smith | 30 Nov 2017

Offshore funds provide a way of facilitating the flow of capital around the world in the most efficient and cost-effective way possible and Guernsey has been at…

Add personal finance to UK school curriculum: 7IM’s Urquhart Stewart

By: Gary Robinson | 29 Nov 2017

Personal finance should be added to UK school curriculum as a more defined subject, according to Justin Urquhart Stewart, co-founder and head of corporate development at UK investment company Seven…

Black Friday: bankers’ bargains around the world

By: Eugene Costello | 24 Nov 2017

As shoppers in the US, and increasingly elsewhere around the world, head to stores and online to try and unearth bargains this Black Friday, a number of…

Budget comment: More money for Maths teachers, but a missed opportunity on housing and property

By: Mark Davies, Managing Director, Mark Davies Associates | 23 Nov 2017

Mark Davies shared his thoughts upon, and reaction to, chancellor Philip Hammond’s Budget yesterday, and his thoughtful essay is reproduced below. First, speaking to International Investment, Davies…

Sponsored: Jersey pension structures benefit 60 million people globally report says

By: Geoff Cook | 23 Nov 2017

The myth that investment activity undertaken in Jersey is relevant to and benefits only big business and wealthy people has been turned on its head with the…

Comment: ‘High time May started flying flag for Crown Dependencies and British territories’

By: Eddie Power | 15 Nov 2017

The UK Government has sold the Crown Dependencies  and British Overseas Territories down the Swannee and left them to fight for themselves – at precisely the moment…

Opinion: Are cryptocurrencies the currency of the future, or another madcap scheme? Part 2

By: Paul Gambles, Managing Director, MBMG Group, Bangkok | 13 Nov 2017

Responding to growing interest from its clients as well as increased media attention and debate on the subject of cryptocurrencies, the Bangkok-based MBMG Group is launching a new…

The rise of young Asia: how millennials are transforming a region

By: Matthew Dobbs | 07 Nov 2017

When many western investors think of Asia, China’s rapidly-ageing population – the result of its one-child policy, which dates back to 1979 – often comes to mind.…

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