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BOOK REVIEW: ‘The Money Formula: Dodgy Finance, Pseudo Science, and How Mathematicians Took Over the Markets’

By: Gerry Brown | 21 Jul 2017

Successful investors are often viewed like celebrity chefs, with much time and effort spent by their acolytes, students and rivals alike in analysing their “recipes” for success.…

Opinion: Don’t get caught in an unregulated ROPS/QNUPS debacle

By: Bethell Codrington, Global Head Of Pensions At TMF Group | 12 Jun 2017

Unfortunately, there is a huge misunderstanding as to what recognised overseas pension schemes (ROPS, formerly referred to as “QROPS”) and qualifying non-UK pension schemes (QNUPS) are.  For…

UK general election just a ‘brief sideshow’ ahead of Brexit: Jupiter

By: Gary Robinson | 01 Jun 2017

The mangers of the distribution funds at UK fund management giant Jupiter have dubbed next week’s UK general election a “brief sideshow”, arguing that the City is more likely to see…

New insurance regs in Qatar: Clyde & Co’s take

By: Roger Phillips, Clyde Co Legal Director | 17 May 2017

The United Arab Emirates isn’t the only Gulf country in which insurance company executives are agonising over the exact meaning of new regulations affecting their industry. A…

Viewpoint: Offshore financial advice in the post-ROPS, super-transparent era: Part 3

By: Geraint Davies, Managing Director, Montfort International | 28 Apr 2017

As we noted Wednesday and Thursday, it’s becoming increasingly obvious that UK Chancellor Philip Hammond’s unexpected 25% tax on most overseas transfers is already beginning to have…

Viewpoint: Offshore financial advice in the post-ROPS, super-transparent era: Part 2

By: Paul Gambles, Managing Director, MBMG Investment Advisory, Bangkok | 27 Apr 2017

As we noted yesterday, it’s emerged that UK Chancellor Philip Hammond’s unexpected 25% tax on most overseas transfers, taking effect the day after his 8 March announcement, has…

Viewpoint: Offshore financial advice in the post-ROPS, super-transparent era

By: James Pearcy-Caldwell, Chief Executive Of Aisa International | 26 Apr 2017

When UK Chancellor Philip Hammond announced, in his spring budget on 8 March, that a new 25% charge – taking effect the next day – would be…

Prism Xpat’s Darion Pohl: pension transfers to Oz will continue

By: Darion Pohl, Chief Executive, Prism Xpat | 31 Mar 2017

Ever since UK Chancellor Philip Hammond announced, in his spring Budget on 8 March, that a new 25% charge, taking effect the next day, would be levied…

Indonesia tops Asian opportunities for 2017: Cerulli

By: Gary Robinson | 22 Dec 2016

Although the investment-linked product (ILP) business is stagnating in Singapore and Hong Kong, other Asian markets such as Indonesia, China, Taiwan, and Thailand are offering better prospects,…

Client losses at top of Dubai advisers 2017 concerns: report

By: Gary Robinson | 21 Dec 2016

A survey of investment advisers in the Middle East has found many of the region’s investment advisers are concerned about losing clients, amid an uncertain political future…

Jersey lawmakers create ‘regulatory sandbox’ for digital currency industry

By: Sara Johns And Steven Meacher | 20 Dec 2016

Virtual currency trading values, and volumes, are soaring globally, but regulating these virtual currencies – and those who provide virtual currency exchange services – remains challenging, says…

The EU-US ‘Privacy Shield’ heralds new era of trans-Atlantic data transfers

By: Rebecca McNulty, Senior Associate, Bedell Cristin | 13 Dec 2016

A new set of regulations now governs the transfer of data between the US and Europe, in the wake of changes that followed an EU court case…

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