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Comment: Stay defensive as Turkish turmoil carries systemic risk

By: Witold Bahrke Is Senior Macro Strategist At Nordea Asset Management | 15 Aug 2018

Turkey is in a genuine currency crisis, with the lira falling 30% over three days. Fundamentally speaking, the reason for the Turkish meltdown is primarily a large…

Comment: Investment opportunities in a post-sanctions Russia

By: Luis Saenz, Co-Head Of Equities At BCS Global Markets | 09 Aug 2018

Russia represents an under-valued and over-looked investment opportunity and those who can look past the present sanctions will be best-placed to take advantage when those opportunities become…

Comment: De-risking cryptos

By: Henry Burrows | 25 Jul 2018

Reputational risks associated with digital currencies call for new due diligence approach, argues Henry Burrows. Last month, the Bank of England warned City bosses that the lure…

Comment: Why we remain invested in Turkish bonds

By: Rob Drijkoningen, Co-head Of Emerging Markets Debt At Neuberger Berman | 16 Jul 2018

Rob Drijkoningen assesses the state of the Turkish economy, and identifies a rare bright spot for foreign investors. The people of Turkey recently re-elected Recep Tayyip Erdoğan…

Comment: Daring to be different in the business jungle

By: Kieron McRae, Director: Development And Brand, Carrick Wealth | 25 Jun 2018

Kieron McRae offers some tips for surviving in the financial services jungle, and assesses the future of the industry against a rapidly-changing landscape. Phil Knight (Nike Founder…

Comment: Why The Bahamas is the clear choice

By: Alvaro Thomas | 22 Jun 2018

Alvaro Tomas, partner at Morgan & Morgan, explains how the Bahamas helped their group of companies grow as a financial and corporate services provider. Tomas recalls their…

Comment: The three factors driving investors towards corporate hybrids

By: Julian Marks, Manager, Neuberger Berman Corporate Hybrid Bond Fund | 13 Jun 2018

The recent growth of the corporate hybrid market has been significant and is increasingly sparking the attention of both investors and issuers, writes Julian Marks. The non-financial…

Comment: Cautious optimism as US and China declare trade war truce

By: David Cottle | 24 May 2018

The world’s financial markets have been cheered this week by the adoption of a more conciliatory tone in trade negotiations between the US and China. David Cottle…

Eight in ten concerned about cyberattacks: II poll result

By: Gary Robinson | 21 May 2018

An overwhelming number of readers of International Investment have expressed concerns about the threat of cyberattacks to their businesses. In a survey that ran across a three…

Comment: Closing the loop on plastic waste

By: Kate Elliot, Senior Ethical Researcher, Rathbone Greenbank Investments | 18 May 2018

In 2017, US researchers estimated that 6.3bn tonnes of plastic waste has been generated globally since the 1950s, of which almost 80% has accumulated in landfills or…

Comment: Angola’s unlikely reformer

By: Yigal Chazan | 16 May 2018

Derided as a puppet of the former dos Santos regime, President Joao Lourenco is proving his doubters wrong, says Yigal Chazan. Expectations were low when he came…

Comment: Upcoming US dollar strength will be short-lived

By: Ugo Lancioni, Global Head Of Currency At Neuberger Berman | 14 May 2018

The direction of the US dollar is one of the most discussed topics for investors today, and with good reason. Ugo Lancioni (pictured below) looks at its…

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