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Opinion: Are cryptocurrencies the currency of the future, or another madcap scheme? Part 2

By: Paul Gambles, Managing Director, MBMG Group, Bangkok | 13 Nov 2017

Responding to growing interest from its clients as well as increased media attention and debate on the subject of cryptocurrencies, the Bangkok-based MBMG Group is launching a new…

China’s central bank reported ‘developing its own digital currency’

By: Ridhima Sharma | 06 Nov 2017

China’s central bank is”conducting research” with an eye towards issuing its own sovereign digital currency, even as it has cracked down on the use and exchange of…

Goldman Sachs goes for gold when assessing bitcoin

By: Eugene Costello | 20 Oct 2017

When it comes to the key characteristics of money, cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin lose out to the centuries-old gold standard for intrinsic value, gold itself, concludes US…

FCA sounds new Bitcoin alarm

By: Eugene Costello | 17 Oct 2017

The UK Financial Conduct Authority has warned that retail investors effectively betting on cryptocurrencies could be hit heavily by their wildly fluctuating prices. The FCA’s latest expression…

Gibraltar moves to position itself as natural home to cryptocurrencies

By: Eugene Costello | 13 Oct 2017

The Gibraltar government has moved to establish itself as the home for regulation of cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin that rely on distributed ledger technology such as blockchain, after…

Opinion: Are cryptocurrencies the currency of the future, or another madcap scheme?

By: Paul Gambles, Managing Director, MBMG Group, Bangkok | 03 Oct 2017

The big news in cryptocurrencies on Monday was that Goldman Sachs had been reported by the Wall Street Journal to be considering launching  a “new trading operation…

US regulator announces cyber-threat ‘enforcement initiatives’

By: Helen Burggraf | 26 Sep 2017

The US Securities & Exchange Commission has unveiled two new initiatives it says are aimed at addressing “cyber-based threats” – including “violations involving distributed ledger technology and…

Blockchain visionary warns of looming ‘war’ with governments

By: Eugene Costello | 21 Sep 2017

Antivirus software and bitcoin pioneer John McAfee has warned that battle lines have been drawn between governments and cryptocurrencies following China’s recent moves to shut down the…

Bitcoin: Desperately seeking Satoshi Nakamoto

By: John Wyn-Evans, Head Of Investment Strategy, Investec Wealth & Investment | 19 Sep 2017

Cryptocurrencies generally and Bitcoin in particular have been under the cosh over the last week or so, as the Chinese financial services regulator and others have sought…

Bitcoin plummets by 20% as China orders shutdown

By: Eugene Costello | 15 Sep 2017

Bitcoin, the best-known crypto currency took a tumble of 20% this week as China’s biggest virtual currency exchange announced yesterday that it would cease trading by the…

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