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Fund manager profile: US expats come closer into Waverton focus

By: Gary Robinson 23 Jan 2018

In our latest ezine we spoke to Waverton Asset Management about its plans to assist US expats with their financial services needs. Set up in 1986 by the Hambro family as…


HK’s First Credit poised to file Convoy lawsuit

By: Christopher Copper-Ind 23 Jan 2018

First Credit Financial Group announced on Tuesday its intention to take legal action against Convoy Global Holdings. The dispute between the two Hong Kong-listed companies stems from a HKD1m loan…

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World Economic Forum warns of grave risks to global economy

Despite a strong performance from many of the world’s economies, with growth picking up and unemployment falling, the World Economic Forum issued a stark warning on Wednesday that this recovering global economy is also facing unprecedented risks, many of which governments and businesses often chronically ill-prepared to tackle. The release of the World Economic Forum’s […]

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